Our Staff

Dedicated to Serving Native Communities

Executive Staff

Chrystel Cornelius

Executive Director

(Ojibwe; Oneida)

Krystal Langholz

Chief Operating Officer

Florence Ludka

Chief Financial Officer


Programs Department

Heather Rademacher Taylor

Director of Programs

Lanalle Smith

Programs Manager


Stephanie Cote

Programs Officer


Tawny Wilson

Programs Officer

(Sicangu Lakota)

Lending Department

Finance Department

Data Management Department

Communications Department

Alexandra Shaughnessy

Loan Officer

Mikeala Ludka

Lending Assistant


Debbie Powers


Isaiah Cornelius

Office Manager


Bryan Cote

Communications Coordinator



First Nations Oweesta Corporation
2432 Main Street, 1st Floor
Longmont, CO 80501

Oweesta is an equal opportunity employer and provider.


Oweesta is the only existing Native CDFI intermediary offering financial products and development services exclusively to Native CDFIs and Native communities. Specifically, Oweesta provides training, technical assistance, investments, research, and policy advocacy to help Native communities develop an integrated range of asset-building products and services, including financial education and financial products.

Asset-building tools stimulate reservation economies by providing tribal members the opportunity to acquire financial management skills and build and accumulate assets through small business creation, homeownership, education, and much more.


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