Our Staff

Dedicated to Serving Native Communities

Executive Staff

Chrystel Cornelius

CEO and President

(Ojibwe; Oneida)

Florence Ludka

Chief Financial Officer
Executive Vice President of Finance and Lending


Phone: 231.590.8868

Fern Orie

Chief Programs Officer
Executive Vice President of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships


Phone: 715.614.4840

Programs Department

Heather Rademacher Taylor

Director of Programs

Phone: 817.673.1929

Lanalle Smith

Senior Programs Officer, Capacity Building


Phone: 505.879.1852

Stephanie Cote

Senior Programs Officer, Financial Education & Asset Building


Phone: 734.395.4500

Sayre Savage

Programs Officer

Phone: 207.217.1669

Lending Department

Jamie Olson

Director of Lending

(Nez Perce)

Phone: 208.260.2789

Mikeala Purvis

Lending Assistant


Phone: 231.620.9420

Alexandra Shaughnessy

Lead Lending and Investment Officer

Phone: 770.265.2418

Finance Department

Daniel Lee Sharp

Director of Finance

Phone: 512.818.9941

Debbie Powers


Phone: 970.535.4357

Administrative Department

Development Department

Vincent J. Grant

Executive Assistant


Phone: 701.278.9082

Mary Deiter

Development and Capitalization Officer
(Peepeekisis Cree Nation)

Phone: 606.782.0157