Our Services


Tribes throughout North America, Alaska, and Hawaii have been practicing resource management skills for generations, ensuring the survival of our people. Oweesta’s trainings seeks to connect people’s ancestral experience with the acquisition of new skills of financial management, budgeting, credit building, etc.

Technical Assistance

Creating Native community development financial institutions is becoming an increasingly popular way for Native people to build stronger, more self-sufficient communities and nations. Oweesta Corporation’s training and technical assistance department offers expert training and customized follow-up assistance to not only help Native communities assess the demand for starting a Native community development financial institution, but also takes them, step-by-step, through the process of establishing one of these proven and innovative financial institutions.

Lending & Capitalization

Oweesta Corporation understands how crucial investment capital is to a Native community development financial institution; therefore investing in the communities we serve is a priority. We make every effort to provide loans to qualifying organizations, enabling them to reinvest the capital back into their communities or to use as leverage to attract other capital.

Research & Publications

Oweesta Corporation serves as a voice for Native communities to help inform policy that supports Native community development. By speaking out on relevant issues, we are able to affect change at state and federal levels to further not only our efforts, but the efforts of our clients to create healthy, thriving local economies. We encourage Native communities to join us in our advocacy work. It is within unity that we will find strength in our collective voices.