Oweesta 2021 Training Schedule

May 17-21, 2021 ~ Virtual ~ Building Native Communities: Financial Coaching for Families ~ Open to Public

Training: Virtual Building Native Communities: Financial Coaching for Families

Date: May 17-21, 2021

Location: Virtual (Sponsored by Native Learning Center)

Trainers: Stephanie Cote, Programs Officer, Oweesta Corporation; Lanalle Smith, Programs Office, Oweesta Corporation

Eligibility: Open to Public

Cost: Free to Attend

Registration: HERE

Contact: Stephanie Cote, Stephanie@oweesta.org; Lanalle Smith, Lanalle@oweesta.org

Description: Please join us for Oweesta Corporation’s national training, Building Native Communities: Financial Coaching for Families! This training will draw on fundamental Native values, returning us to the grounded belief that our clients must be the agents of change in their own lives. Participants will learn how to do the following:

  • Support your clients to focus on strengthening their financial mindset and behavior so that they are better able to reach their financial goals;
  • Improve clients’ ability to absorb financial shock;
  • and Expand clients’ ability to find and evaluate the information needed to make financial decisions.

This hands-on, interactive training will provide tools, resources, and an approach that will empower financial educators to engage in one-on-one coaching relationships with their clients. The training, funded in part through the generosity of Rose Foundation, is designed to build on the skills and knowledge of the Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families curriculum and assumes practitioners have an understanding of personal financial concepts.

Oweesta 2021 Webinar Schedule

May 13, 2021 ~ Loan Policy Development ~ Open to Public

Webinar: Loan Policy Development

Date: May 13, 2021

Time: 11 pm MT

Eligibility: Open to Public

Cost: Free to Attend

Registration: Link HERE


This three-hour webinar is designed to teach fundamental principles of loan policy development. The Oweesta team will cover the process  for developing loan policies and clarify the role policies plan in any lending department.


  1. Explanation of loan policy development and crucial elements
  2. In-depth explanation of loan policies and the role of policies in underwriting
  3. Explanation of the differences of loan policies and loan procedures
  4. In-depth explanation of risk rating development for inclusion in loan policies and underwriting criteria

Sponsor: Native Learning Center


Oweesta Corporation
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Oweesta is an equal opportunity employer and provider.


Oweesta is the only existing Native CDFI intermediary offering financial products and development services exclusively to Native CDFIs and Native communities. Specifically, Oweesta provides training, technical assistance, investments, research, and policy advocacy to help Native communities develop an integrated range of asset-building products and services, including financial education and financial products.

Asset-building tools stimulate reservation economies by providing tribal members the opportunity to acquire financial management skills and build and accumulate assets through small business creation, homeownership, education, and much more.


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