Oweesta Corporation offers a Native CDFI Practitioner Certification Program uniquely adapted to the cultural context of Native CDFIs. This training provides an overview of all areas of Native CDFI operations, including basic financial management, lending, development services, impact tracking, marketing, capitalization, and more. The Certification Program offers four tracks (with additional options for Native CDFI Board members) to specialize in Lending, Executive Management, Development Services, and/or Financial Management; each of which include a series of trainings.

This training program is unmatched. It was developed following extensive key information interviews with Native CDFI practitioners, consultants, and Oweesta partners and teaches on activities specific to Native CDFI practitioners, such as performing collateral perfection on Indian trust land or leveraging resources available only to Tribal nations.

To learn more about the Certification Program, contact Chief Operating Officer Heather Rademacher Taylor at heather@oweesta.org.

Fundamentals Week – Test Out Option

Fundamentals Week is a required foundational training for each track. For seasoned professionals who already have the fundamentals down, we have an option to test out of this training. Requirements are:

  • 3 years of experience in the industry, assessed via the registration survey
  • Pass a 30-minute, proctored test with at least 70%
  • $50 exam registration fee

Certification Program Brochure

Download a one-page overview of the Certification Program.

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Executive Specialization Track

  • NCP101 Fundamentals Week
  • NCP102 Financial Management I
  • NCP103 Financial Management II
  • NCP106 Effective Fundraising and Capitalization
  • NCP107 Leadership and Management
  • NCP108 Financial Management III

Financial Management Specialization Track

  • NCP101 Fundamentals Week
  • NCP102 Financial Management I
  • NCP103 Financial Management II
  • NCP108 Financial Management III

Lending Specialization Track

  • NCP101 Fundamentals Week
  • NCP104 Underwriting – Consumer And Small Business Lending
  • NCP105 Loan Portfolio Management
  • NCP109 Underwriting – Mortgage Lending (Optional)

Development Services Specialization Track

  • NCP101 Fundamentals Week

Three or more BNC Trainings:

  • BNC1015 Financial Skills For Families
  • BNC1021 Financial Coaching for Families
  • BNC1031 Financial Empowerment For Youth
  • BNC1041 Coaching for Credit Building
  • BNC1051 Financial Confidence for Elders
  • BNC1061 Financial Coaching 2.0
  • BNC1071 Trauma-Informed Financial Practitioner