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First American Capital Corporation (FACC), located outside of Milwaukee, serves Native Americans throughout the state of Wisconsin. In 2015, FACC started their impact tracking system journey. They worked with Sweet Grass Consulting to develop a logic model and theory of change based on their mission and their work. These two documents set the goals and outcomes that FACC wanted to accomplish. They also detailed the specific metrics that would need to be tracked in order to show whether those outcomes were being accomplished. These documents, and FACC’s use of OTIS to collect and manage their data, has allowed them to continue to receive funding by enabling them to report their impact in a clear and streamlined way. They use OTIS to not only report this information to funders, but also to their clients and other key stakeholders.

WINLF started as a pilot organization for OTIS, and from the beginning, they recognized the importance of establishing one dedicated staff member to OTIS activities. Although they had some turnover in this position, they have always designated a staff member to OTIS, with support from the rest of the staff. Additionally, all WINLF staff are invested in, and understand the importance of, data collection and impact tracking. They are able to communicate this to their clients and funders, and this leads to the success of their system. Overall, WINLF has successfully integrated OTIS into their routine by investing in the training of their staff and by assigning one person as responsible for OTIS.