Programs Team Receives Trauma of Money Certification

Oweesta is pleased to announce the most recent credentials our Programs Team has earned. Lanalle Smith, Sayre Savage and Stephanie Cote have all received their Practitioner Certification in the Trauma of Money Method. With this certification, these practitioners will share highlights of their knowledge in a forthcoming virtual training for financial education practitioners.

This training will provide practitioners with knowledge of financial stress and strain unique to Native communities, identifying activations and symptoms of financial related trauma, methods for addressing these activations and symptoms, and paths to prevent future financial trauma to help end cyclical generational financial trauma.

“The Trauma of Money certification course provided unprecedented knowledge of the way capitalism has affected community members mentally, emotionally and physiologically,” states Lanalle Smith (Diné), Senior Programs Officer at Oweesta Corporation. “We are excited to offer a training that incorporates the skills to manage the symptoms of financial systemic oppression and think that it complements Oweesta’s suite of training wonderfully.”

Please look for more details in Spring of 2024, and congratulations to Oweesta’s Programs Team for completing certification requirements for the Trauma of Money course!