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OTIS is set up so that when your client submits a form or uploads a document, the appropriate staff member will receive an email notification.

VistaShare provides technology products and services to strengthen non-profit organizations that serve people and communities. This group of developers created a client-centered user platform called Outcome Tracker. Outcome Tracker provides an online platform for nonprofits to securely manage client data, report to funders, and engage with clients via their computer or phone.

Impact data related to:

Wealth creation

Business development, improved credit scores, increased savings and assets

Individual Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency

Decreased reliance on governments, increased access to equitable financial services


Diversity of jobs, access to healthy foods, economic development

Whole Person Wellness

Increased financial capability, ability to give back to one’s community, increased sense of security

7th Generation Transformation

Decreased outmigration, increased youth entrepreneurship, increased support of cultural connectedness.

We support CDFI client confidentiality. All individual client-level data is not accessible to Oweesta or Sweet Grass without being released by the CDFI through a built-in “report,” which can then only be viewed in aggregate. This data subsequently cannot be accessed or distributed by us without the consent of the CDFI.

First, submit an inquiry.

Although we have created unique templates for forms based on almost all the kinds of services being delivered by Native CDFIs, OTIS is completely customizable. Through a series of discussions between your CDFI and our customization team, a customization plan is created based on both your need and budget. You can customize in three unique ways: modifying the existing template forms, importing existing data and integrating that historical data into OTIS, and building unique reports.

It depends on where you are in our que of organizations. Typically, the customization itself takes 1-3 months.

As of now OTIS links with DownHome Loan Software (cloud version), however OTIS is in the process of linking with other systems.