Joining OTIS is a multi-step process designed to maximize the utility of the system, as well as your comfort in using it.

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You will receive an introduction to OTIS and gain a thorough understand of what kind of investments (time, money, and staff) will be required to successfully implement OTIS so that you can determine if the system is a good fit for your organization


Our experts will customize OTIS to git your Native CDFI's impact tracking needs. We will build custom forms and create data queries so that you can easily generate the reports you need when you need them.


Your staff will go through a comprehensive training process to develop internal expertise on the OTIS platform. Trainings will cover data entry, tracking, reporting, implementation, and more; and can be delivered in a traditional classroom setting or via webinar.


You will apply the concepts learned through the training process as you begin using your customized version of OTIS to track your Native CDFI's impact. Our experts will work closely with you during the beginning phases of your OTIS implementation to ensure you are on the right track.

5On-going Support

You will be able to provide customer input through a series of formal reviews duyng your first year of implementing OTIS. After that, you can always count on our experts to help you through any issues should they arise.

OTIS Data Collection Process in Diagram

If you’re interested in joining OTIS and want more information, click this link to fill out our inquiry. Once completed, someone from our team will contact you!