OTIS is an impact tracking system designed specifically for Native CDFIs.

As a fully customizable solution, it can help you track your Native CDFI's unique impact and assist with grant writing, reporting, capital investment campaigns, and much more.
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"OTIS helped our organizations deploy more than $500,000 in emergency loans for folks impacted by COVID. The data reports through OTIS allowed not only for streamlined reporting to our funders, but also to influence public policy to ensure COVID resources reach our most impacted populations - Native communities, communities of color, and women." -Jeff Gilbreath, Director of Lending & Developmet, Hawaii Community lending c/o Hawaiian Community Assets

Why choose OTIS?

OTIS is — at its core — a series of impact tracking forms developed over the course of a year by a group of Native CDFI practitioners. These Native CDFI practitioners provided insight on what kind of information they would like to track. These forms seamlessly flow from each stage of client interaction, from inquiry to follow-up, helping you track client progress.

Streamline Your Client Process

  • Form and process templates
  • Clients can complete forms online
  • Track your client from inquiry to application to follow-up.
  • Track and report on your technical assistance and training activities

Effective Organization and NCDFI Industry Reporting

  • Pull the data you and your clients enter at the push of a button
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities
  • Export data to excel
  • Build reports with charts and graphs
  • Reports can be produced across all agencies in OTIS or for specific agencies

Customized and Personalized

  • OTIS is customized to fit your organization, your clients, and your process
  • OTIS specialists are here for your every need with personalized assistance, problem solving, and training offerings

Suite of Tools Available to Maximize Efficiency

  • Set tasks and reminders for your team
  • HUD Counseling Tracking and Reporting
  • IDA Management
  • Pull credit scores with CREDCO
  • Accept loan fee payments with PayPal
  • Links to DownHome Loan Software
  • Importing function – get all of your data from your old system into OTIS!
  • Communicate with messages to your clients from within OTIS

How OTIS works

OTIS was built on a software called Outcome Tracker, which is an online platform focused on helping non-profits to securely manage client data and report to funders.

Data Collection

Each OTIS member has an individual database housed under the OTIS network. Data is collected by each member and is stored in their specific database.

Storage Management

Every individual OTIS database has access to the suite of features available in OTIS and is customized to the needs of each member, both in terms of client process as well as in the selection of available features.

Merge Out

Data collected and stored in individual OTIS member databases is merged out into community impact reports, which are fully customizable and reflect the reporting needs of each Native CDFI member.


Due to the network structure, all data collected and stored by individual OTIS members is available to the network in the form of anonymous Native CDFI industry reports. These reports are utilized to the benefit of OTIS members and to the entire Native CDFI industry.

Key Features

  • HUD Counseling Tracking
  • HUD 9902 Reporting
  • IDA Serving and Reporting
  • Customized Organizational and Industry Reporting
  • CREDCO Credit Reports
  • Links to DownHome Loan Software
  • Importing Function
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Completion of Forms and Uploading Documents
  • Technical Assistance Support and Training
  • Project Management with Tasks and Reminders
  • Mail Merge to Send Emails
  • Send Messages Directly to Clients

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