The Native Convening

A gathering of Native CDFIs throughout the nation.

Congratulations to Our 2018 Awardees: Tawney Brunsch and Mazaska Owecaso Otipi Financial, Inc.!

“The topics were relevant and speakers were well versed.”

“The Native Gathering, Native Awards Ceremony, and Native CDFI track are the reasons that I go to OFN. I like the smaller, more intimate settings of our meetings and workshops. They are more relevant and pertinent to our situation. I learn so much more from our native colleagues.”

“It was nice to network with like organizations and people, we seem to have the same problems and were looking for solutions.”

“Networking seems to be the most critical component during these gatherings. I find it to be the most informative role by having discussions and sharing stories. I appreciated that there was a sufficient amount of time to have these opportunities.”


Native Convening Attendees in 2018

  • Thank You to Wells Fargo for Providing Scholarships to the Following Groups!

    • Alaska Benteh Capital (AK)
    • Chi Ishobak, Inc. (MI)
    • Cook Inlet Lending Center (AK)
    • First American Capital Corporation (WI)
    • First Nations Community Financial (WI)
    • Four Directions Development Corporation (ME)
    • Karuk Community Loan Fund (CA)
    • Salt River Financial Services Institution (AZ)
    • Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Corporation (NY)
    • Sequoyah Fund (NC)

    And thanks to Wells Fargo for extending additional scholarships to:

    • NiiJii Capital Partners (WI)
  • Thank You to Northwest Area Foundation for Providing Scholarships to the Following Groups!

    • Black Hills Community Loan Fund (SD)
    • Four Bands Community Fund (SD)
    • Leech Lake Financial Services (MN)
    • Mazaska Owecaso Otipi Financial, Inc. (SD)
    • NACDC Financial Services (MT)
    • NDN Collective (SD/National)
    • Northwest Native Development Fund (WA)
    • People’s Partner for Community Development (MT)
    • Shoshone Bannock Tribes (ID)
    • Taala Fund (WA)


First Nations Oweesta Corporation
2432 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Oweesta is an equal opportunity employer and provider.


Oweesta is the only existing Native CDFI intermediary offering financial products and development services exclusively to Native CDFIs and Native communities. Specifically, Oweesta provides training, technical assistance, investments, research, and policy advocacy to help Native communities develop an integrated range of asset-building products and services, including financial education and financial products.

Asset-building tools stimulate reservation economies by providing tribal members the opportunity to acquire financial management skills and build and accumulate assets through small business creation, homeownership, education, and much more.


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