EITC Marketing Materials

2014 marketing materials now available!

Don’t leave millions of federal dollars on the table!  Earned Income Tax Credit refunds can help working families in Native communities jump start their financial goals including saving for homeownership, starting a small business or just paying off their debt. The $38 billion EITC program is the largest federal anti-poverty program in the United States - larger than food stamps and TANF combined.  It has the potential to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Native communities annually, but a large portion of that has gone unclaimed or has been skimmed off by high-cost fees. 

EITC Toolkit for Tribal and Community Leaders

Every year in Native communities, millions of EITC dollars go unclaimed or get reduced by unnecessary fees.  Families and individuals may qualify for thousands of dollars, depending on their amount of earned income.  You can help members of your community claim the EITC refund through their income tax returns and encourage them to use free tax preparation sites.

Tribal Leader EITC Handbook

This handbook, developed by First Nations Development Institute and Annie E. Casey Foundation, provides tribal and other communities leaders guidance on what they can do in their communities. It includes information on how the EITC can benefit individual tribal members as well as the entire community. It also provides tips on coalition building and resources available to support their local campaigns. To order hard copies from First Nations Oweesta Corporation, please call 303-774-8838 or email info@oweesta.org.

2014 Native EITC Outreach Tools

Download the following tools to help get the word out to eligible families about free tax preparation sites in or near your community.  Each of these items includes a space in which you can insert your contact information and the location and hours of the nearest free tax preparation site:

  • Include an EITC notice in tribal employees’ paychecks and W-2 statements.  Encourage other major employers in your community to do the same.
    EITC Paycheck Notice
  • Distribute flyers through housing, economic development, and other social service providers.
    Community Flyer
  • Help consumers find free tax preparation sites to maximize their refund value.  Call 1-800-829-1040 to find Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) locations near your community.  Contact sites directly to confirm operation hours and assistor availability.
  • Organize financial education courses to help community members learn about the EITC and improve their financial skills.

Let us hear from you!  Please send copies of your outreach materials and sucess stories to Krystal Langholz krystal@oweesta.org. We will be collecting examples to share with other Native communities!

Download a new supplemental workbook called Building Native Communities:  Guide to Claiming the EITC or order copies from First Nations Oweesta Corporation at 303-774-8838 or email info@oweesta.org.

Other EITC and Free Tax Preparation Resources

American Association of Retired Persons

Internal Revenue Service

National Community Tax Coalition

National League of Cities

United Way

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