Financial Education and Asset-Building Programs Serving Native Communities

In celebrating the close of financial education month, Oweesta is pleased to release the following publication: Financial Education and Asset-Building Programs Serving Native Communities: Snapshot 2014.

The results of this study are designed to help practitioners effectively meet needs in the field, to provide information on best practices that Native organizations can use in program design and implementation and to be a tool with which we can advocate on behalf of Native communities. 

Oweesta is pleased to share this document with our partners for no charge, as we believe the enclosed information is critical for all those serving Native American, Alaskan and Hawaiian communities.  Many thanks to those who participated in the initial survey which allowed us to collect the data in order to write this study.  As we could not include the results of all questions in this survey, Oweesta is willing to share data or segmented analysis to interested partners. 

Click Here to view the 2014 FEAB Snapshop

Please contact Krystal Langholz, programs manager, at for any follow-up questions. 

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